See Inside Symbol (SIS) is a Flash extension which provides a thumbnail view of the internal frames of a selected symbol.

The thumbnails displayed can be clicked on to easily change the first frame status of one or more selected Graphic symbols. Aside from the convienence of being able to see the internals of a symbol without having to go inside it, this can also speed up animation tasks such as lip sync or switching between body parts.

Any Graphic, Button, or Movie Clip symbol can be selected within the Flash authoring enviornment and loaded into the SIS panel.


- Works with all versions of Flash post MX 2004
- Get detailed and updated symbol stats within the SIS panel after loading a selection.
- Choose which internal frames to display. Load just the keyframes or see all the frames.
- Easily switch between different loop modes (Single Frame, Play Once, Loop) when applying to Graphic symbols.
- Optional automatic setting of keyframes when interacting with Graphic symbols.
- Scale, flip and rotate thumbnails to best match the loaded symbol's current state on the stage.
- Undo/redo interactions with graphic symbols.
- Fully resizeable custom Flash panel

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Click here read the online SIS manual


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